/ Barcelona, we love you. /

When I am not scanning horses or astronauts, rendering in raytracers, managing teams, or giving any advice, 

I enjoy cooking and family programs. I am a dad, a husband and a friend. I am addicted to nature, high tech stuff, FPV drones, biotechnology, electronics, and in good people.

My other addiction is lights, LEDs, lasers and optics, sensors and signal processing – since my younghood.

I am a psychology fan. I like street art, graffiti and street food.

I am a fan of 2000s -2020s electronics / underground music like Chemical Brothers, and Massive Attack, Stereo MC-s, Ninja Tunes (records) etc. In recent years, I started to like Breakbot, Sophie Tucker, Bonobo, Men I Trust, Yard Act, HENGE, and electric/chill lounge.

I like to read in my hammock and play music.