CV – english

Rafael Dániel Zubán

3D – VFX – Scan, Professional

Managing Director Hungary @ Clear Angle Studios,

CEO @ RafilmVFX,

Clear Angle Studios – 3D Scanning Specialists


Short Curriculum Vitae:

I currently work as the managing director of the Hungarian Team at Clear Angle Studios and run a micro VFX/CGI company, RafilmVFX. Both companies have several big clients across many countries and continents. In the last 20+ years, I have worked as a VFX and Virtual Production supervisor, 3D scan and RnD partner, 3D generalist, University teacher, and compositor on film and commercials.

Now, I deal with Management, VFX / Virtual Productions supervising, and Team leading for Feature films, or Shorts in 3D, VFX, CGI, and 3D SCAN areas. I also do pipeline consulting and development. My main areas are on-set and studio supervising, short film VFX/CGI, 3D scanning and RnD, rendering, compositing, optical, and processing developments. In the last year, I have worked with new methods like Generative AI for films, Gaussian Splatting, and similar ones.

I worked on internationally recognized AAA Films with Clear Angle Studio and in DIGIC full CGI films. I had a primary role in planning, developing, and building DIGIC’s 3D scanning rigs, pipe, and department. I also built and managed a department for Clear Angle Studios, working daily with this fantastic team and enhancing the RnD in several areas. A few of the most important examples of these productions are:

  • Dune 2,
  • The Creator,
  • Blade Runner 2049,
  • Barbie,
  • Star Wars – Andor
  • Alien – Romulus
  • Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One,
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,
  • Stranger Things

(and many others – )

and from the CGI intros, I was involved in raising the visuals of the

  • Assassin Creed series,
  • Call of Duty CGI films, and
  • Netflix – Love, Death & Robots.

I have worked on several major Hungarian award-winning films and hundreds of 3D animated commercials during my professional career. I supervised several big VP productions, like the Karate Combat productions and a lot of VP commercials. Among my indirect customers, I produce materials for Hungary’s biggest brands, agencies, and film studios, with a strong network of contacts with top professionals and VFX companies. Brands used my work:

  • Audi
  • Coca Cola
  • McDonalds
  • T-mobile, Vodafone
  • Mizo, Aldi, Old-Spice, IQOS, Milli, and many others
  • Local Brands, Local TV companies,

I have professional production experience in 3D design, implementation, scanning, rendering, lighting, compositing, modeling, basic animation, and on-site film supervising areas. Supported by medical and biotechnology studies backgrounds. In recent years, I have mainly been involved in the work as a senior consultant.
During my career, I helped several companies improve their tools: I did beta and feedback for Metashape Photoscan (Agisoft) and Capturing Reality when they started using Photogrammetry on Humans / VFX.

Software knowledge:

Currently: Maya / Arnold / Nuke, Natron / Zbrush / Photoscan / Capturing Reality / Blender / Full Adobe (PS-AI-AE-PR, etc) / Affinity Pack / Houdini, and many others..

Program learning skill: Learning any 2D or 3D graphics or engineering program is easy.

Education, Language, Driving License:

I graduated from medical school in biotechnology. My thesis focused on “the practical connectivity of 3D graphic programs and medical 3D programs.”

I obtained my manager qualification in 2D-3D Geospatial Information as a GIS Manager.

Driving License: B (1997-), English C intermediate (2005), German basic level. ECDL.

Professional chronology, jobs:

2023 – Today

University of Theater and Film Arts (Hungary): University curriculum development for the new Virtual Production department.

2022 – Today
CLEAR ANGLE STUDIOS (London)—RnD member, 3D scan technology—Working on new technologies in 3D scanning.

2020 – Today
CLEAR ANGLE STUDIOS (London + Hungary)—Managing Director, Hungary. Unit founder and division builder. Working with mother company on productions with a Hungarian Team.

2019 dec – Today
RAFILM VFX – CEO3D, SCAN, VFX consultant. Working on VFX and CGI shot with light copperation with other veteran freelancers. Film and Commercials, VFX/CGI/VP supervising, in Hungary.

2014 szept – 2019 nov
Lead of Photo scanner Unit / Division – DIGIC PICTURES – Unit founder, Professional, and complete division leader, RnD. Participating in several big and award-winning productions. Producing 3D photogrammetry scanners for external large-scale films and series. Learning Real-Time and VR.

2013 aug
Shot / Render TD – DIGIC PICTURES – 3D Scene Layer and Arnold Rendering Pipeline Supervision with Basic Composite, Maya / Arnold render farm management.

2012 – 2019 (freelance job, parallel to the workplace)
3D-VFX consultant – Zinemath – Z-lense, Z-Key, Z-med – Deliver solutions for VFX issues, RnD.

2008 – 2013
VFX supervisor – POST EDISON – After 2008 I was responsible for designing and executing 3D and composite solutions for three award winning Hungarian films and VFX solutions for smaller films. From 2008 to 2012, I was the director of the CGI/VFX/animation department, and trained newcomers.

2004 – 2008
3D/VFX Specialist, lead compositor—POST EDISON—In 2004, I became the 3D generalist of Post Edison Kft. During my nine years here, I participated in the production of nearly a hundred commercials.

2001 – 2003
My 3D Graphic Work started in 2001 for small advertising agencies, photorealistic products, and abstract design.

1998 – 2001
In the first years of graphic design, I had complete printing preparation and other DTP tasks. At this time I have designed and edited or integrated several websites.


2022 – Master Degree – BSC
Theme: Integration of GIS Manager training in practice

MATE – GIS Manager

2005 – Master Degree – BSC
Theme: 3D animation and visualization in biotechnology and biochemistry

2002 – 2005
University of Pécs – Biologist laborant and biotech operator

2000 – 2001
University of Pécs – Physics degree

1997 – 2002
University of Pécs – Medicine