CV – english

Rafael Dániel Zubán

3D – VFX – Scan, Professional

CEO @ RafilmVFX – Managing Director Hungary @ Clear Angle Studios,

rafilmvfx@gmail.comwww.rafilm.huClear Angle Studios – 3D Scanning Specialists for Film and TV

Short Curriculum Vitae:

Currently, I deal with management, daily tasks and planning for Feature films, Virtual Productions, or Shorts in 3D, VFX and 3D SCAN areas. Also doing pipeline consulting and development. My main areas are on-set and studio supervising, short film VFX/CGI, 3D scan, rendering, compositing, optical and processing RnD.

I work now as Managing Director Hungary in Clear Angle Studios and run a micro VFX/CGI company, RafilmVFX. Both companies have several big clients across many countries and continents.

In the last 20+ years, I have worked as a 3D generalist, vfx supervisor and compositor on film/commercials. I also worked on internationally recognized AAA Films, and DIGIC full CGI films. One of the most important examples of these productions is the Blade Runner 2049 and from the CGI intros, I was involved in raising the visuals of the Assasin Creed series, Call of Duty CGI films, and Netflix – Love, Death & Robots. During my professional career, I have worked on several major Hungarian award-winning films and hundreds of 3D animated commercials. Among my indirect customers, I produce materials for the biggest brands and the largest agencies and film studios in Hungary, with a strong network of contacts with top professionals.

I have professional production experience in 3D design, implementation, scanning, rendering, lighting, compositing, modelling, basic animation and on-site film supervising areas. Supported by medical and biotechnology studies backgrounds. In recent years, I have mainly been involved in the works as a senior and consultant.

Software knowledge:

Currently: Maya / Arnold / Nuke / Zbrush / Photoscan / Capturing Reality / Blender / Photoshop

Program learning skill: Easy learning any 2D or 3D graphics or engineering program.

Education, Language, Driving License:

I graduated from the medical school in biotechnology, my thesis focused on “the practical connectivity of 3D graphic programs and medical 3D programs”. I obtained my manager qualification in the field of 2D-3D Geospatial Information.

Also Graduated as GIS manager, Theme: “Integration of GIS Manager training in practice”

Driving License: B (1997-), English C intermediate (2005), German basic level. ECDL.

Professional chronology, jobs:

2022 –
CLEAR ANGLE STUDIOS – RnD member, 3D scan technology

2020 –
CLEAR ANGLE STUDIOS – Managing Director Hungary

2019 dec –
RAFILM VFX – CEO – 3D, SCAN, VFX consultant

2014 szept – 2019
Lead of Photo scanner Unit – DIGIC PICTURES – Unit founder, Professional and complete division leader, RnD. Participating in several big and award-winning productions. Producing scanners for external large-scale films and series, mostly for foreign, partly Hungarian productions. Learning Real Time and VR.

2013 aug
Shot / Render TD – DIGIC PICTURES – 3D Scene Layer and Arnold Rendering Pipeline Supervision with Basic Composite

2012 – 2019
3D-VFX consultant – Zinemath – Z-lense, Z-Key, Z-med – Deliver solutions for VFX issues, developing

2008 – 2013
VFX supervisor – POST EDISON – After 2008 I was responsible for designing and executing 3D and composite solutions for three award winning Hungarian films and VFX solutions for smaller films. From 2008 to 2012, I was the director of the animation department, and trained newcomers

3D/VFX Specialist, lead compositor – POST EDISON – From 2004 I became the 3D generalist of Post Edison Kft. During the nine years spent here I took part in the production of nearly a hundred commercials.

1998 – 2001
In the first years of graphic design, I had complete printing preparation and other DTP tasks. At this time I have designed and edited or integrated several websites.

My 3D Graphic Work started in 2001 for small advertising agencies, photorealistic products and abstract design.


2022 – Master Degree – BSC
Theme: Integration of GIS Manager training in practice

MATE – Térinformatikai Manager

2005 – Master Degree – BSC
Theme: 3D animation and visualization in biotechnology and biochemistry

2002 – 2005
University of Pécs – Biologist laborant and biotech operator

2000 – 2001
University of Pécs – Physics degree

1997 – 2002
University of Pécs – Medicine