EXTERNAL LINK: CLEAR ANGLE STUDIOS – (2020 – Today) I am a Managing Director of Hungarian crew in Budapest, also working with the core team on new methods and RnD in London. The Demo below shows the Body and Face scanning, but we also cover Drone, Lidar, and fine scanning, HDR capture etc.. for biggest VFX houses and productions.


EXTERNAL LINK: DIGIC SERVICES – 2019 – In the last 5 years (2014-2019), Developed a full scan processing pipeline with company professionals, also did and supervised TONS of human and object scan in DIGIC PHOTOSCAN, and DIGIC PICTURES Hungarian CGI company.

EXTERNAL LINK: DIGIC – 2019 – Working together (2013-2019), with company professionals.

OLD REEL in POST EDISON – (2004-2013) Commercials, Films, General 3D, Supervising. Mostly one or few man productions.